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•   Dwight Hammond  10/26
•   Deborah Griffis (Whitfield)  11/5
•   Sandra Campbell (Thomas)  11/16

McKinley Tech Class of 1973

Welcome to our new Class of 1973 website! 
We are excited about being able to share class news
and keep in touch
with you, our classmates. 
Cecelia Owens-Graves - Chair, Class of '73 Reunion Committee for 2018

To make this work, we need all of you to help.  Please do any or all of the following:

1.  Search for your name under CLASSMATE PROFILES, sign up and update your information.  If your name is not on the list, our apologies.  Click contact us to add your name to the list.  The way this site is set up, you won't be able to join this site until your name is on the list. FYI - that "Contact Us" button goes to whichever class officer is administering this site, not to any company.  For setting up the site the administrator is Robin Johnson.  If for some reason the contact us is not working, send an email directly to her at
2.  Upload information about how you're doing (with pictures of course).  Feel free to share as much or as little information about you as you wish.
3.  Pass the news on to other classmates about this site.
4.  Let us know if someone from our class has passed on.

We had a very large graduating class and we'd love to connect with as many of you as possible.  While we've had successful reunions with up to 250 attending, it would be fantastic to get an even greater number of classmates at the 45th.  So please do sign in and set up your profile.




Be sure to go to our facebook page and "Like" us.  It's DCTechites1973.

We would like to thank current and past reunion committee members. 

  1. Current Committee for 2018 – (45th) - Cecelia M. Owens-Graves; Debra Winston; Pam Murphy; Phillip Willis; Maurice Patterson; Cedric Sheridan; Sharon Watts; Michaele Smith; Dorothy Freeman-Gavin; Robin Washington; Arlene Mitchell-Ennis.
  2. Saturday, August 17, 2013 (40th) and picnic, Sunday, August  18, 2013  – Cecelia M. Owens-Graves; Greg Ellis; Yvonne Butler; Dorothy Freeman-Gavin;  Pam Murphy.
  3. 2008 (35th) – Picnic  Saturday, April 19, 2008 and Caribbean Cruise April 27 to May 4, 2008 - Cecelia M. Owens-Graves; Michele Berry; Ernest Soloman; Anwar Saleem; Clarence McCoy.
  4. October 18, 2003  (30th) – Cecelia M. Owens-Graves;  Janice Cager;  Yvonne Carswell; Jacqueline McRae-Caul; James Goldring; Phyllis Jones-McCoy.
  5. October 17, 1998 (25th) - Cecelia M.  Owens-Graves; Yvonne Carswell; Jacqueline McRae-Caul; James Goldring.
  6. October 9, 1993 (20th) - Cecelia M. Owens-Graves; Yvonne Carswell; Belinda Watson; Beverly Whitaker-West; James Goldring.
  7. July 21, 1984 (10+ 1) - Cecelia M. Owens-Graves; Yvonne Carswell; Senobia Crawford; Jacqueline McRae; Paula Grant; Lucrezia Jones; Rosiland Keitt; Norman Powe; Beverly Whitaker; Degeta Thompson.


Cecelia Owens Graves thanks all the past and present members of the United States Armed Forces from the McKinley Tech Class of 73 serving in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and the Coast Guard - who faithfully performed their Patriotic Service in support of our Country and who are respected and admired both at home and abroad. "To our Veterans, thank you for the service you gave to this country and for the support that you continue to give our men and women who carry on your legacy.  You are among the best our nation has to offer." (from Chuck Hagel, former Secretary of Defense, November 11, 2014)